About Me

n49602251_31226002_5336 Hello! My name is Amanda Hayes and I am a senior Public Relations major at Kent State University. I am interested in corporate communications, both internal and external.

I am currently interning at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber World Headquarters as a government relations intern. I also gained experience with employee relations at Delphi Corp. in Warren, Ohio, as a communications intern last year.

Seeing how these global companies continue to expand has fueled my interest in community relations and corporate responsibility. As corporations grow, building and maintaining positive relationships with external audiences is extremely important.

This blog is intended to look at what makes a corporation a good global citizen, how companies communicate their social efforts and why it is important for businesses to practice responsible social behavior.

This is not a commentary on any business or its products; it is simply meant to examine the successful and not-so-successful social efforts of different groups.

Please feel free to contact me at ahayes4@kent.edu, or find me on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for visiting! :)



  1. Really awesome info on this site….you really should get some contact info on this site.

    Would love to connect :)

  2. This blog is a fantastic idea. I truly hope you find a reason/the time to bring it back to life since 2009. I would subscribe to your feed, and read it religiously if it was up to date.

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